Space saved while adding function. That’s a zero compromise solution. That’s value.

By combining several staple, traditional pieces of equipment into one modular unit that doesn’t compromise any key functions, we save space and multiply exercise possibilities, whether in our community gyms or at home.


The KEWB™ replaces valuable equipment in your facility, with no compromises. ALL traditional functions are maintained while ADDING new use possibilities and SAVING space.

With convenient add-ons such as the wall-mounted upright or short barbells, the versatile KEWB™ allows you to be creative with your workout area and workout programming.


Your Gym: Gym transformations are enabled when you free space and add possibilities. Add more clients to classes or PT, and generate more revenue with less investment.

Home Gyms: One piece of equipment equals several. Clear the clutter, and enjoy unlimited workouts with no compromise.

BONUS: use as seats or a coffee table, store in dead space, or let the kids build a fort.


Space is money and opportunity. The KEWB’s modular design helps convert dead space into usable space by breaking into easier-to-store-smaller components, further freeing up areas to be used for higher value purposes (like working out).

This gives the KEWB an advantage over the ‘traditional’ equipment it replaces, which are clunky and hard to store.


We understand that space is equivalent to money. And additional space is convenience that money can’t buy.

When purchasing the KEWB™, you are ultimately saving money and time.

No more buying an absurd amount of equipment from different suppliers and hoping that they match the design of your gym.


Free up more space for additional spots in group classes and PT, generating more revenue at lower investment.

Increase retention by offering new, fun training possibilities. Showcase features that increase safety and scalability of movement.

Attract new customers by showcasing your new trend setting kit. Create possibilities for new service offerings.


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